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The Way for Choosing Zippers

Zipper is an important clothing accessories, along with fabric material and style changes, as well as clothing variety of functions requirements, the need variety, various types of zippers and clothing equipped with, to get between and clothing Ingredients compatibility, harmony, decorative artistic and economic practicality. So choose zipper teeth should pay attention to the material, zipper, color, length, strong zipper, slider function, so that the thickness of the fabric and clothing, performance clothing with zippers and colors as well as the site of phase compatibility. Also note that when using the zipper for its proper use and protection, such as a zipper pull can not force too much, washing should be zipper pull together and so on.

       Select the zipper not only pay attention more to consider three kinds of color fastness to clothing optional zippers, not only pay attention to the zipper tape color and fabric degree of difference, which is commonly referred to as color, but also pay attention zipper tape color fastness. For manufacturers, zipper color fastness is up to standard progression and zippers and dress color will occur between each shift will directly affect the quality of the final product. Types of clothing such as overalls buttons should wear and corrosion resistance; baby clothing to minimize the use buttons; fashion buttons

As a manufacturer in the zipper supplier selection, the best is a little hard zinc alloy, do not choose 3 #, relatively soft, easily deformed product, it is best to choose a little more than five copper content # zinc alloy, hard , the product is not easy deformation, can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality assurance should be concerned durable zipper three color fastness: light fastness, resistance to washing fastness and color migration, blue gown so you can avoid these problems occurrence, to improve the quality of clothing.
Light fastness

Generally, perspiration is accompanied by the sun occurred. So talking about here is not a single light fastness, it includes dual sun and perspiration fastness. Different levels of the sun can cause a variety of photochemical reactions induce destruction of the structure of the dye, resulting in discoloration and fading. While the presence of sweat will make the pH of acidic or alkaline rendering, class service it will also significantly reduce the number of light fastness of disperse dyes. Therefore, the composite effect and pure light fastness or perspiration fastness is very different. However, through some preventive measures that can enhance this composite light fastness, so long zipper colors remain bright. So, choose some zipper products, you should choose those after UV enhancement processing or direct use with high light fastness of the zipper.

Resistant to washing fastness

Zipper tape is also an anti-soaping important indicator. General fastener tape is made of 100% polyester woven, using high temperature dyeing disperse. Disperse dyes soaping refers to a certain washing conditions, fade dyed fabric for single fiber or cause staining level. Theoretically speaking, the dyes are dispersed in the polyester inside, and the dispersion of the dye concentration from the surface to the inner layer of fiber gradually decreasing, which makes the surface more dye molecules gathered. Therefore, resistance to washing fastness is good or bad depends on two aspects: First, the dye itself intermolecular interactions and fiber size, advertising aprons large force is difficult to dye molecules soaping out fiber surface, the force of small and vice versa ; the second is in the dyeing and finishing process, the fiber surface residual amount of dye molecules, if more thorough after-treatment, the surface will be minimal residual dye, soaping it is difficult to make the zipper tape fade.

  However, due to a lot of soaping standards, such as soaping temperature 40 ℃, 60 ℃ and above 95 ℃; many different types of detergents, phosphorus and phosphorus is generally divided into; washing time is long or short. Therefore, the different washing standards, the resulting fastener tape fastness are not comparable. Soaping and high strength, will result in decreased tape fastness. Therefore, in addition to tell consumers in everyday clothes washing process, zipper tape should not be used for hot water and excess detergent is too strong, the general temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, the best neutral and weakly alkaline detergent, time is not more than 30 minutes, etc., the most important in the choice of a fastener product, try to select a number of products with a higher resistance to washing fastness.

Color migration problems

Many apparel manufacturers tend to use materials with special properties, such as PVC, PE fabric and various functional coating fabric, these fabrics more complicated process, usually some residual plasticizers, solvents and other chemical additives. It is because of the presence of these additives, when prolonged contact with the fiber cloth belt, these additives will penetrate into the interior of the fiber leaving the dye molecules more easily from the inside to the surface of the fiber diffuser. If the fabric is white or light-colored fabric can easily be contaminated.

To solve this caused due todiffusion zipper tape color shift problem, the best way is to use the zipper when the dye used to see whether a better combination with polyester fiber.
Zipper is important clothing accessories, various indicators of its direct impact on the quality of the final quality of the finished clothing. Therefore, the choice of suppliers zipper, it must be a clear understanding of all aspects of its products how indicators.