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Creative Zipper Earphone Wire Design

 If the headphones line is instead by the zippered, I believe it is not only smart looking but also more convenient for receiving. However, our designer show us the unique zipper earphone wire which is made by a long earphone zipper wire composition from the jack to the ear plugs, headset zipper on each side of the inside have a headset with ordinary as conductor.

The zipper headphone wire is also known as electronic date wire. What differs it from the ordinary headphone is the characteristic headphone zipper wires with mutual cooperation zipper body.However, this two headphone wires with the zipper body can pull zipper up and down by a zipper head. What’s more, there is even a volume control switch on some of the zipper headphone wires. The zipper headphone wire adopts single head and end-closed zipper technology which can fix both ends of the zipper headphone wire to prevent the zipper head from slipping.
Both the appearance and the function of zipper earphone are quite the fashion trend. Be careful and do not hold zipper with your shirt, hair or skin together!