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Headphones ziper design

Today to introduce a zipper type design of the zipper earphone. When the headphones zipper to listen to, don't love is the headphones zipper wires can be twisted into a ball, have a look this newly designed headphones zipper wire, should not have such troubles.

For those who love a bit of young people, unique interesting headphones zipper wire solves the biggest difficult problem. Zipper earphone wire zipper best feature is a zipper type design, pull gently, all done.

Zipper earphone wire in addition to zipper nice is still very not easy winding, finally goes on the street and walk to untangle like headphones zipper wire of the earphone.

The sound quality, impedance 16 ohms, output power is 5mW, the output sound pressure ( 99db/1KHz± 3dB ), if you are not HiFi fancier, and often wears headphones out street, headphones zipper zip wire is a quite good choice, the needs of friends can pay attention to the official website.