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Zipper earphones fashionable alternative

A fashionable alternative to headphones, Zipper earphones, are a hip new zipper-corded ear bud that is virtually tangle free, and offers great sound and a stylish look.

These hot new ear buds are made by California-based Digital Group Audio, are the first and only zipper ear buds on the market. These fantastic little gadgets feature DGA's exclusive "Zipper Integrated Cabling" which literally zips the cords together eliminating tangled cords and the frustration of your typical ear buds, making them the perfect accessory for your iPod, MP3, or other portable music or video device.


Where can you wear them?


You can wear them for everyday use of course, but also wear them while working out at the gym or jogging, studying, traveling, or lazy days at the pool. No matter what you are doing, these new little Zipbuds make listening to your favorite music simple, stylish, and comfortable. Plus they come with sweat-resistant Sport Ear Clips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit during strenuous activities.


Who can wear them?


The super flexible ear bud seems to make a perfect fit for just about any ear. The soft materials that they are made of can easily adapt to your size and shape of ear. Which means, no more falling out every time you turn your head or look up or down-which we all know can be incredibly annoying?


What makes them so great?


The great thing about the Zipbuds, are the ultra comfortable ear buds pack supreme sound quality with minimal distortion and they are virtually tangle free. Which means, you don't have to sacrifice a great quality headphone for comfort and style--a super-plus for my fellow music-lovers?

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