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The zipper earphone type line

If the earphone line is a zipper type, that is not just the appearance looks very cool, and will be much more convenient for you to receive the zipper earphone. Our designers design a new zipper earphone, headphone jack to from earplugs are made of a long zipper earphone wire, headphones zipper on each side which have a common earphone wires with the same.

With ordinary earphone line is different, zipper earphone line also known as electronic data zip wire, which is characterized in the earphone line, whose inner side is provided with mutually matched zipper body, is provided with a zipper body with two earphone line is provided with a zipper body pull zipper head, zipper earphone wire part is also provided with a volume control switch. Zipper earphone wire adopts a single head closed tail type zipper, zipper earphone wire are respectively fixed on both ends, to prevent the earphone zipper head slippage.

Earphone zip wire from the appearance of the function are quite trend, using the time must be more careful, don't be zipper and your shirt, hair, skin and pull together!

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