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Headphones zipper cost-effective

As a cost-effective zipper earphone, earphone compared with ordinary, in addition to fashion design, the biggest feature is the earphone line is arranged on the inner side of the zipper body matched with each other, is provided with a zipper body with two earphone line is provided with a zipper body pull zipper head, zipper earphone wire part is also provided with a volume control switch. Zipper earphone wire adopts a single head closed tail type zipper technology, the both ends are respectively fixed to prevent slippage, zipper head.

Advantage of these characteristics is to solve the ordinary earphone line easily intertwined problems.

The latest fashion modeling in-ear zipper earphone products, has a variety of colors to choose from. Zipper earphone features a unique double of vibrating membrane, and uses a metal cavity made of, can not effectively prevent resonance, in order to ensure clear sound quality, but also to a certain extent in improving low frequency effect, like listening to pop music and rock music for young people.

A colorful fashion small zipper earphone can always attract people's attention, zipper earphone for female users is a good choice. The zipper earphone exquisite workmanship, with a metal cavity, round and compact appearance looks very fashionable, wearing comfortable fit, sound insulation effect is good.

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